Our Infant Rooms

Baby Bunnies, Baby Bumblebees and Yellow Lambs

Your baby’s first year of life is an amazing time, filled with discovery and enormous growth. It’s no secret that what your child learns early in his life will be critical to success in school, relationships and life. So, for your special little one, Brookfield Academy teachers provide a loving, nurturing and stimulating atmosphere that encourages exploring, bonding with others, peace of mind, stimulation and curiosity.

At Brookfield you will notice the warm, caring environment and our dedication to cleanliness and sanitation. Every infant has his own crib, and special care is taken to personalize your child’s resting space with pictures of your family and stimulating decor.

Your baby will build early language skills through playful songs, rhymes, conversation, imitation and stories. Recognizing voices, associating actions with sounds and movement, making their own special sounds will all be a part of their language growth.

Our low ratio between teacher and infant ensures that your baby will have the most personalized care, attention and opportunities for development. Tummy time with other babies and mirror on the wall will give each little one an opportunity to play with others, react to the human face and find friendships at the earliest ages.

Our teachers provide you with a daily communication sheet about your baby’s day. You won’t miss a thing as we transition your baby from school to your loving arms. Our daily reports include your baby’s eating, sleeping and diapering schedule, and special comments from the teachers on needs.